Most Common Types of Matte Labels

White matte paper labels are probably the most widely used materials among label users, especially those that use them for personal or small-business use. If made with the standard, all-temperature adhesive and no laminate, it is the most economical choice for applications. It is recommended to users who don’t have any demanding requirements for labels, like ultra-resistance to outside conditions. White matte paper is smooth, easily imprintable and smudge-resistant. Note that these types of labels are usually for short term use.

If you need labels for outdoor and long-term use, white or clear polyester matte labels come highly recommended. They can withstand difficult weather conditions and even exposure to chemicals. They come with permanent adhesives that stick to and stay on all kinds of surfaces: plastic, glass, cardboard, etc. Clear polyester matte labels are used for more elegant types of products, like alcohol beverage bottles, while white polyester is used for shipping and storage items.

Matte polypropylene labels are a less costly alternative to polyester labels and they are very suitable for decorative surfaces because of their high flexibility.

Matte labels come with:

● strong, aggressive adhesives for products that undergo rough conditions and extreme temperatures,

● all-temperature adhesives for the most common types of all-purpose labels, and

● removable labels often used for packaging and labeling food products, office supplies, etc.