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Matte Labels University

Matte Labels U will give you knowledge and confidence to decide whether matte labels are right for you. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about when it’s the best to use matte labels, which materials are most commonly used for this particular type of labels and Matte Label Pros will help you answer questions like: What makes matte better than glossy labels? Will matte labels withstand harsh handling and storing conditions? Are there any restrictions on the size and shape of ordered matte labels? Stay for the fun, educational ride!


Our job at is to give you quite a bit of information on matte labels so that you can go ahead and order labels that will best suit your product/application.

Choosing a label is not easy, because it involves a responsibility for the overall appearance of a product, which further affects how customers receive it. Matte or glossy, clear or multi-colored, laminated or uncoated – these are all important decisions that will contribute to your brand’s popularity and sales.

Matte Label Pros are dedicated to providing you with all the necessary steps you need to take before you make a final decision on whether matte labels are the right choice for your product.